The Shamrock Swimming Club

Built in 1949 by the Texas oil wildcatter Glenn McCarthy, the Shamrock in Houston was the largest hotel in the United States. It had an enormous 165-by-142-foot pool that saw celebrities, fire divers, syncro shows, and a ski boat. It also hosted some of the best swimmers and divers in Houston under the tutelage of some of the great coaches in the state. [Read More...]

Longhorn Aquatics

What has now become known as Longhorn Aquatics began in the fall of 1935, when Tex Robertson arrived in Austin and informed the University of Texas that he would be their swimming coach. The position did not pay anything since the position did not exist. Undeterred, Tex recruited star swimmers from around the country and convinced UT to let him coach for free. Needing more swimmers, Tex started a swim team at Deep Eddy Pool and Barton Springs. His motto was “If you can float, you can join Texas Aquatics.” [Read More...]

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Dad's Club

Begun in 1948, Dad's Club Swim Team is one of the nation's most established swimming organizations and is nationally recognized for its rich tradition of swimming excellence and innovative programs. Novice swimmers through Olympians are exposed to an exciting and challenged training environment where each individual strives to reach their fullest physical and mental potential, and fulfill their competitive dreams. Six Olympians, more than 25 swimmers representing international teams, and 76 USA National qualifiers highlight the club's elite level achievements. At the state and regional levels numerous USA Junior National finalists and qualifiers, as well as several high school record holders were developed in the program. [Read More...]

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City of Midland

Ignoring the obvious limitations of distance, population and lack of facilities, in 1967 a handful of determined Midland parents decided to create an AAU swim team and aquatic program with no pool, no coach and twenty swimmers. COM has since produced dozens of swimmers qualified to compete at the Junior National and Senior National levels, a score of NCAA Division I swimmers and several who have competed in Olympic Trials. [Read More...]

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The Woodlands Diving Team

The Woodlands Diving Team began in the '70s with coach Dick Smith. Several international Olympians trained at the Woodlands Athletic Center under Coach Smith including top U.S. diver Keith Russell. [Read More...]