Chuck and Sherel began working diving meets for Mike Brown in 1983. Chuck created the first computer software to score diving meets and print dive sheets, which was used at every major competition, NCAA and USD, until 2001. Chuck announced, while Sherel scored virtually every meet at the UT swim center as well as three Olympic trials, 22 national championship meets, and the 1996 Olympic Games, until Chuck was taken to heaven July 30, 2001. For four years, Sherel was the computer operator and table manager for all NCAA Championships. The Knesels were inducted into USA Diving’s Ring of Honor in 2016. Sherel now runs the new DiveMeets computer at every Longhorn diving event, with the Naftanels. John Naftenal took over for Chuck, announcing, and his wife Susie does the pencil and paper tracking and is known for her quality control help. Sherel has run every Big XII Championship meet since its inception in 1996. The Knesel’s daughters, Joy and Julie, live in Austin with their families. Julie was a diver, who competed for UT for three years. Sherel is blessed to have six grandchildren, all close by in Austin.