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Brendan Hansen

Born and raised near Philadelphia, Hansen came to Texas as soon as he could to become one of the best breaststrokers in American history. He is a six-time Olympic medalist (three gold, one silver, two bronze), and a former world record-holder in both the 100-meter and 200-meter breaststroke. He won a total of twenty-five medals in major international competition (eighteen gold, four silver, three bronze) spanning the Olympics, the World Championships, and the Pan Pacific Championships... [Full Bio, Videos & Photos]

Jim Montgomery

Jim grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and went on to swim for James "Doc" Counsilman at Indiana University, where he won seven NCAA titles and graduated with honors from the IU School of Business. As a member of the 1976 U.S. Olympic Team, Jim won three gold medals and one bronze medal, and was the first man ever to break 50 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle. Since 1981, he has developed the Masters swim concept and is currently part owner of the Dallas Aquatic Masters Swim Club, one of the top adult fitness exercise programs in the country... [Full Bio, Videos & Photos]


Gene Shumway

Gene was born in Houston and began competitive swimming at age nine. He swam for Jeff Davis H.S. and earned a swimming scholarship to the University of Corpus Christi. Joining the U.S.M.C. in 1961, he served two years in Southeast Asia. His coaching career started in Okinawa working with military dependents. Returning to Houston in 1964, his Houston Sharks combined with Phil Hansel’s Shamrock swim Team, with Gene as age group coach. In 1966, he began his flying career and invited Lance Gordon to spend the summer and train with him in Dayton, Ohio. Trans-Texas airways hired him in 1968 and Gene returned to Houston, where Richard Quick hired him to be the Dad’s Club age group coach... [Full Bio, Videos & Photos]

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Margaret Swan Forbes

San Antonio native Forbes was born in 1919. From her early efforts at the San Antonio YMCA in the early '60s to her instrumental development and recognition of synchronized swimming as an Olympic sport, Margaret is synonymous with the sport to thousands of swimmers worldwide. Her life-long dedication, revolutionary training techniques, and reputation have been recognized internationally. She worked around the world for three decades serving in many posts, including secretary and chairman of the Synchronized Swimming International-Olympic Committee... [Full Bio, Videos & Photos]

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Dotson Smith

Dotson first learned to swim in rivers and lakes near his childhood home in Decatur, Illinois, and by the age of four had decided that his future was in coaching. His family moved to Tyler, Texas, in 1950, and he joined the Tyler Swim Team in 1952, where he also coached under Hank Chapman and Johnny Griffith. In 1955 Dotson was invited to swim at UT Austin, and after graduating in 1961, he became a coach at Austin Aquatic Club. In 1966, at the age of 29, Dotson developed and built Swim-A-Day, one of the first indoor pools in the Austin area, where swimmers of all ages and abilities could enjoy the water... [Full Bio, Videos & Photos]

Wally Pryor Distinguished Team Award:

Longhorn Aquatics

What has now become known as Longhorn Aquatics began in the fall of 1935, when Tex Robertson arrived in Austin and informed the University of Texas that he would be their swimming coach. The position did not pay anything since the position did not exist. Undeterred, Tex recruited star swimmers from around the country and convinced UT to let him coach for free. Needing more swimmers, Tex started a swim team at Deep Eddy Pool and Barton Springs. His motto was “If you can float, you can join Texas Aquatics.” [Read More...]

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